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Family Excellence Institute, LLC and Family Excellence, Inc.

Reaching Dreams, Strengthening Families, Building Legacies

Family Excellence, Inc. currently has essay contests planned for 2015-2016 at Calhoun Academy of the Arts, Glenview Middle School, and in TL Hanna and Westside Highschools in Anderson, SC. We also currently have essay contests in group homes and residential facilities throughout Greenville, SC.

If you would like more information on how to be a part of these contests and encouraging excellence in our young people, please see the Giving and Support section on this page to the right or contact our Program Director, James Campbell, directly at [email protected] or by calling (864) 360-1636!

Family Excellence, Inc. is pleased to announce that Emily McKenna (pictured left) of TL Hanna High School is the First Place winner for the Family Excellence Essay Contest at the high school level for Anderson School District V this year! Congratulations to this excellent your writer!

Take a moment to enjoy her winning essay below!

Glimpse of Heaven

by Emily McKenna

Love is a glimpse of Heaven. An overwhelming knot of butterflies in your stomach. When you look into that person’s eyes and feel like you are one; your souls fused together. It is a lack of food, drink, and sleep while thinking about them constantly. It is being so infatuated with one person that just the thought of them instantly puts an endearing smile on your face. You would encounter the worst of your fears and the most unpleasant pain for this one person. The simplest of things become most dear and you lose your sense of consciousness wishing they were with you. With eyes unfocused you lay awake and play scenes in your head of moments you have shared together. Love is an intense feeling almost like an adrenaline rush because when you feel it... it really hits you. It’s almost like your entire perspective has to go through a refreshing process, like a tab on your internet browser. You have to put all your trust in loving.

Love is deep hazel eyes with a ring of greenish yellow around the pupil; eyes that seem like they are making a promise to you that they intended to keep when they look into yours. It is being completely caught off guard and not knowing you could feel that way. It is dancing around ungracefully and falling to the ground with overbearing laughter. It is walking through markets with the smell of citrus; your hands intertwined as you shift through the isles of stands, smiling at each other with wonderstruck infatuation. It’s Sunday afternoons, when the both of you would lay outside in the fort of blankets you made together and listen to a CD by The Kooks. Resting their head on your stomach as you ran your fingers through the thick brown hair. The sun hitting your faces and feeling it’s warm embrace on your golden skin. It is their smile and how it is brighter than all the suns in the sky. It is waiting by your window in the middle of the night for the sound of jagged rocks hitting the vinyl of your house. Love is falling asleep next to each other and waking up to them smiling at you. Love is smiling so hard at the words they say that your jaw hurts; then staring into their eyes and melting like butter in a pan. Breathing is so hard to do around them because they take your breath away with the smallest things.

You’re dreaming of angels. Everyday you learn new things about them that no one else knew.

Love also means heartbreaks and fights. It is messy and confusing. However, love is beautiful and awesome. Sometimes, love does not consist of just being between a boy and a girl.

It consists of family; hating and loving someone at the same time. It is screaming and crying. Saying awful things and then wishing you could retract the words that cut like knives and place them back into your mind locked away where they belong. It is not being able to stand being angry at that person for a long period of time so you make your amends. It is sibling rivalry and having wrestling matches over who gets the remote. It is long summer days being in the freshly cut outfield of the Suny Cobleskill College baseball field just to catch pop flies for your 3 older brothers at the age of 10. It is humidity exhausting days and going down to “Man Creek” at the back of our hometown’s high school baseball field dugout with your brothers. Love is having bonfires with your brother on late nights with the sound of crickets in the fields. The both of you talk about the constellations and how we are a speck in the world compared to everything else in the universe. Love is a mother’s care and sick days in bed with her soup and awful grape flavored cough syrup. It is when you fight over grades and homework with her. It’s not agreeing with her over things but the only reason she is doing it is because she doesn’t want to see you get hurt. Love is a choice and a commitment. The author E.E. Cummings has a quote that states:

“Love is the voice under all silences, the hope which has no opposite in fear; the strength so strong mere force is feebleness: the truth more first than sun, more last than star.”

It is having your mind telling you so many times that you shouldn’t but everything else in you is telling you to go for it. When you have their name always on the tip of your tongue and having every reason just to pack your bags and catch the next flight to see them. We look up into the night sky longing for something more. Hearts beating out of chests and shackled to this feeling of awestruck madness. Even if it all goes crashing down into the sea, the moments that you once shared will always put a smile on your face. We are all like ships in the night searching for a light out in the fog engulfed distance.

Please join with me in congratulating the first-place winner of this year's Family Excellence Essay Contest at Calhoun Academy of the Arts, Kira Follo (pictured left) from Mrs. Tarbert's fourth grade class. Her essay is below:

Thankful For The Arts Some people wonder why they should go to an arts school. I asked that when I was in preschool coming to elementary too, but I wish that I never did. Drama, dance, and strings have taught me life lessons that I’ll never forget!...

Drama has taught me many lessons. Expressing your feelings can help in many situations. In drama you can get up, show how you feel, and explain why you feel that way. Drama has helped me find my voice and not to be afraid to speak up. Because of drama I have made new friends by speaking to others.

Dance is a great way to be creative. During dance I feel open-minded. I feel like I’m in my own world. Dance taught me to be creative. During tests I think about confidence. You can always show who you are through dance. Don’t stay inside your shell; dance and feel free!

Strings are important in the Arts. Most schools don’t have strings. Strings teach you to be courageous. Always have courage. Never giving up helps you with many things in school. Strings also teach you to challenge yourself. Don’t stick to the same thing; try new things or harder things.

The arts have helped me throughout the years. If I were you I would run faster than a cheetah to come to the arts school! I think anyone who can go to an arts school should take that chance. Always follow your dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. That’s why I’m thankful for the Arts!

Family Excellence Essay Contest at Glenview Middle School

in Anderson, SC

At long last, here is the picture of the top three authors from the Family Excellence Essay contest at Glenview Middle School! These were taken during the May 15th awards ceremony.

Pictured here from left to right is our First Place Winner Shyanne Whitfield , Second Place Winner Jalyn Beaty, and Third Place Winner Adam Campbell.

Of the approximately two hundred essays submitted in the Family Excellence Essay contest at Glenview Middle School, twenty one were chosen as honorable mentions by our panel of educators (ranging from and elementary school teacher to college professor)! The honorable mentions include:

Arik Boyd, Kristyn Ferguson, Diamond Webb, Destiny Harper, Kaylee Patterson, Zyria Starks, Tina Brown,Emily Davis, Emily Tollison, Devin Pearce, Younes Labashabidazid, Zac Taylor, Tiahna Edwards, Lydia Francis, Renaisha Bruce, Kira Reynolds, Stephon Wynn, Genese Williams, Edgar Taylor, Eleanor Gardzalla, and Chris Alewine.

The awards presented were made possible through a generous donation

from local family law attorney Gwyn Dubose-Schmitt! We wish to express our gratitude to Mrs. Dubose-Schmitt, the students who participated, and Mrs. Elinor Lister, Ms. Courtney Calvo, and Mrs. Tiffany Osborne from Glenview as well for making this contest a tremendous success and inspiring their students to even greater excellence in their writing!

We anticipate having some tickets for this weekend's performance of Music from the Heavens at the Peace Center! Stay tuned for details!

This is the close of Greenville Symphony Orchestra's 66th concert season and boasts a program that can only be described as divinely inspired. Enjoy the harmonious voices of The Greenville Chorale and the celestial tones of the GSO with the true star of the evening, soprano Christina Major, as we celebrate Giuseppe Verdi's 200th Anniversary and perform his sublime Te Deum along with other highly spiritual works by Poulenc and Mascagni.

Verdi La Forza del Destino, Overture

Verdi Te Deum

Verdi Aida, Triumphal March and Ballet

Poulenc Gloria

Mascagni Ester Hymn from Cavalleria Rusticana

May 15, 2014

We are looking forward to hosting our final essay contest awards ceremony of the 2013-2014 academic year at Glenview Middle School in Anderson District 5! The awards ceremony is scheduled for May 15th at 12:45 pm. We're looking forward to great things from the students!

Congratulations to the two families who were able to attend the March 27, 2014 performance of The Preservation Hall Jazz Band due to the generosity of our donors! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others!

Please see below the winning essay from Calhoun Academy of the Arts!

Let’s Make It a Better Place

By: Emilee McAlister

First Place at Calhoun Academy of the Arts

Fourth Grade Mrs. Esqueda’s Class

Have you ever wanted to change the world to someplace different? Well, I have because in our world today there’s no time to do the things we want to do. That’s not a world I want to live in. So we can start by picking up trash and making sure everybody has a clean home to live in. If I could make the world a better place I would also make sure there is a cure for cancer, bullying would come to an end, and everybody would have fair and equal rights and votes.

 So, the first thing I would do to help the world would be making sure there is a cure for cancer. Many people are sick and dying because of it. That’s got to stop. I care too much for people to die because of cancer. People are too special and they need to know that someone is behind them, always lifting them up, cheering on for them. I’ll do whatever I can to stop cancer. Trust me, I know the pain it is; my great grandmother died because of cancer. We wish she would have never had cancer because we miss her a lot. Cancer: will be, going to be, has to be DEAD!

The next thing on this earth I would defeat is bullying. Everyone has someone they wish would just give them a break and be nice for once. I know I do. People need to step up, be nice, and have more self-confidence in themselves-say “I’m sorry, nobody will be mean to me” and just walk away. They would be scared to bully you again. Two things defeated and one left to go.

Last but not least, everyone would have fair equal rights and votes. Still, people today have to do all of this work just to get to vote. That’s not fair. Everybody should get to vote no matter if they are red, blue, black, or white. This is not just for voting but waiting in line at a doctor’s visit. If you were there first and somebody behind you says they were in front of you, you need to step up and say, “I don’t mean to bother you, but they were truly behind me”. It’s okay to say that. You would have your fair share. 1, 2, 3! EVERYBODY’S EQUAL!

I hope my writing convinced you to change the world and make it a better place. It really needs it. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to work. If everyone would pitch in and help just a little bit, it would make a complete difference. Let’s get to it and together we will ROCK IT OUT!

Our top three essays for the 2014 Family Excellence Essay Contest at Calhoun Academy of the Arts are pictured below! They are from left to right: Second Place: Drew Whitten, First Place: Emilee McAlister, and Third Place: Molly Hawkins! Congratulations on these young authors for their exemplary writing. Special thanks as well to all of the students, teachers, and administrators who made this contest possible!   

Announcing the winners of the Family Excellence Essay Contest at Calhoun Academy of the Arts...

Pictured here are our honorable mentions and our top three winners along with Mrs. Lewallen of Calhoun and Mr. Campbell of Family Excellence In...stitute, LLC . Our honorable mentions include the following students representing each of the classes at Calhoun. Those receiving honorable mentions are listed here (not in exact order) along with their teacher's name:

Jack Ludena Mrs. Hunt

Savannah Smith Mrs. Esqueda

Ava Camak Mrs. Gibson

Cailey Penedo Mrs. Tarbert

Savannah Fletcher Mrs. Hembree

Ty’Tonna Williams Mrs. Garrison

Jada Jones Mrs. Hunt

Ava Bostick Mrs. Esqueda

Ryan Leslie Mrs. Gibson

Kate Harbert Mrs. Tarbert

Jake Matta Mrs. Hembree

Madison Powell Mrs. Garrison

Amelia Martin Mrs. Gibson

Colin Sanders Mrs. Hembree

Anniya Martin Mrs. Garrison

Jack Ludena Mrs. Hunt

The awards ceremony for Calhoun Academy of the Arts' Family Excellence Essay Contest was help today, February 6, 2014. The writing was excellent, and the students, teachers, and administration were all a pleasure to work with. We look forward to announcing the winners online over the next few days!

Evaluations are being held this month for the Family Excellence Essay Contest that is being held in the group homes of Greenville County! Stay tuned for results in the days to come.

Ten students from TL Hanna and ten students from Westside were recognized this week for exhibiting excellence in writing based on essays they submitted to the 2013 Family Excellence Essay Contest. There were a total of fourteen honorable mentions between the schools, with a first, second, and third place winner from each school as well. The topic was chosen based on this year being the fifty-year anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's “I Have a Dream” speech. The prompt for the essays was "When I dream of a better future...", and essays were evaluated by a panel of educators including teachers from the middle school, high school, and college levels.

From all of the essays submitted from both schools, THREE were chosen as the top essays at the high school level for all of Anderson District 5. The top

three authors for the district are as follows:

3rd (PRONOUNCED “I MAY”) Aimee Rodriguez from Westside High School

2nd Morgan Willis from TL Hanna High School

And the first place winner at the high school level for all of Anderson District 5 is... Lora Lassiter from TL Hanna High School

The contest was sponsored by Family Excellence, Inc. and Family

Excellence Institute, LLC. (For more information please go to or "Like" Family Excellence Institute, LLC on


The winners of the 2013 Family Excellence Essay Contest at the high school level for Anderson District 5 is scheduled to be announced tomorrow evening at the Hanna-Westside varsity football game!

Family Excellence, Inc. is pleased to announce the school-wide winners for TL Hanna High School! There were seven honorable mentions from the school as well as three top three essays chosen by our team of evaluators! The winners are as follows:

Honorable Mentions:

Lorelle Behne

Destiny Davis

Deanna Haist

Justice Hill

Jacob Jansen

McKenzie Miller

UKeija Hardy

3 Place: Foster Bauknight

2 Place: Morgan Willis

1 Placefor TL Hanna High School: Lora Lassiter

Family Excellence, Inc. is pleased to announce the school-wide winners for Westside High School, An Early College Academy! There were seven honorable mentions from the school as well as three top three essays chosen by our team of evaluators! The winners are as follows:

Honorable Mentions:

Jena Burton

Micah Clinkscales

Joy Dantz

Jeniah Hunter

Samantha McElveen

Mia Schuller

Katie Schmidt

3rd Place: Valerie Scarborough

2nd Place: Hyein Kim

1st Place winner for Westside High School: Aimee Rodriguez

Thank you so much for the opportunity to read such amazing essays. All of the participants did a wonderful job! We look forward to seeing how they take their dreams and work towards making them a reality in the days ahead!

I am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to announce the winners for the essay contest at TL T.L. Hanna High School and Westside High School, An Early College Academy as well as the Anderson School District 5 high school winner later this week! The students did an excellent job on their essays, and I am grateful to be the one who gets to acknowledge many of them publicly over the next few days. The high school district-wide winner will be announced at the Hanna-Westside varsity game this Friday night! Please stay posted over the next several weeks for some of our winning essays and photos of the winners.

Later this Fall Family Excellence, Inc. is looking forward to launching five primary essay contests designed to elevate the sites of school-age children in the upstate of SC and challenge them to envision a brighter future for their families. The locations for the contests are scheduled to be Calhoun Academy of the Arts, Glenview Middle School, Westside and TL Hanna high schools, and the eight group homes of Greenville County.

The total cost for all four contests is $1000, and we are looking for some individuals and businesses who have a heart for making a difference in children and families in our area! Will you be a part of making that difference in our area by supporting us as we encouraging stronger writing skills and greater self-expression, while challenging children to dream bigger dreams and helping to build stronger families?

Come be a part of the solution! Donations can be made securely through Paypal on the "About" site or via mail at at Family Excellence, Inc. PO Box 14065 Greenville, SC 29610! Individual and business sponsorships are available for individual contests. Thank you for making a difference!

What do these mascots have in common?

These four school will be participating in Family Excellence Essay contests during the 2013-2014 school year! We are so excited to be expanding the contest from two schools last year to four schools and nine group homes in Greenville County this year!

If you would like to contribute to these contests and help inspire and elevate the sites of those we serve, please consider making a donation via mail at PO Box 14065 Greenville, SC 29610 or on this website at at the bottom of the "About Us" page! 100% of donations go directly to awards for the contests.

Let's work together to make a difference in the lives of children and families in the Upstate!

In the fall of this year Family Excellence, Inc. is looking forward to hosting five primary essay contests designed to elevate the sites of school-age children in the upstate of SC and challenge them to envision a brighter future for their families.

The locations for the contests are scheduled to be Calhoun Academy of the Arts, Glenview Middle School, Westside and TL Hanna high schools, and the eight group homes of Greenvile County. The total cost for all four contests is $2000, and we are looking for some individuals and businesses who have a heart for making a difference for children and families in our area! Will you be a part of making that difference in our area by supporting us as we encouraging stronger writing skills and greater self-expression, while challenging children to dream bigger dreams and helping to build stronger families? Come be a part of the solution! Donations can be made securely through Paypal on the "About" site or via mail at at Family Excellence, Inc. PO Box 14065 Greenville, SC 29610! Individual and business sponsorships are available for individual contests. Thank you for making a difference!

We are looking forward to holding an essay contest between two rival high schools in the fall, first school-wide and then district-wide! If you know of businesses or individuals who may be interested in helping to sponsor the contest, please message us and we will gladly follow up. We anticipate this being a tremendous competition that inspires some amazing writing! Sponsorships range from $20-$500 and in-kind gifts such as gift-cards for restaurants, stores, movies, etc. will help make this event a tremendous success! Join with us in helping to inspire excellence in writing while strengthening families in the Upstate!

Last Call-The Final Drawing is Monday night April 8, 2013! :)

FREE TICKETS to the BOBBY MCFERRIN CONCERT IN GREENVILLE, SC! To ENTER SIMPLY: LIKE the Facebook page for Family Excellence Institute, LLC and SHARE this post!

(If you have already Liked Family Excellence, you're halfway there already!)

This is a super-simple contest for two sets of tickets to the Bobby McFerrin concert on April 11th at 7:30 pm at the Peace Center in Greenville, SC!

All you have to do in order to enter is to go to the Page for Family Excellence Institute, LLC and "Like" it and Share this Post! Two drawings will be held, each for two tickets to the show.

The drawing for the first two tickets will be on Sunday evening, April 7th!

The second drawing for the final two tickets will be held on Monday evening, April 8th!

Bobby McFerrin is a ten time Grammy winner and a phenomenal musician who is known for his incredible harmonies. His most famous song is "Don't Worry, Be Happy", which is a reminder that we all need from time to time! :) Enter and treat a loved one to an incredible show next week! After all, couldn't you use a night out? If not, please share and either share the tickets with someone and share the love of music! Thanks so much!

Second Place Essay Winner from Glenview Middle School’s Family Excellence Essay Contest: Alexis Harrison

Please take a moment to read her essay below!

Ever since I was little I had a difficult life. My family was always there for me. Over the years my family has gone through some h...ard times. I’m not writing this for someone to feel sorry for me. This is what I really want, not just for me but for my family. Losing my mother was one of the hardest things I have been through. I want my family to come together, talk, and remember how she was.

The loss of my mother was like a hurricane blowing and taking away everything my family had. She was only eighteen years old when she passed. She was getting ready to start college a few months after she passed. She didn’t always make the smartest decisions, but she was an incredible woman. She got pregnant at sixteen then at seventeen. Even though she was still growing and a youngster herself, she kept me and my brother. She even stayed in school. We lost her in a car wreck. Even today nobody can really talk about her without crying.

Nobody understands how it is to raise two infants, go to school, and work. She was an independent and intelligent woman. The best thing was that her mother and stepfather wouldn’t let her quit. When she was working or in school, my grandparents took responsibility for me and my brother. My mother had a tremendous support system from her parents, her friends, my father, and his family. There were so many numerous people that loved her and helped her. After losing her, my grandparents took us in. My grandmother told me that at the funeral it was loaded with people; they just couldn’t believe it.

I never knew mother. She passed when I was only six months old. When she was in the car wreck I was with her. I made I out injured, but she later passed at the hospital. Everybody has always felt that she is still here because I a still here. They say we look similar. My grandmother told me that my brother would wait by the door, waiting for her to come home. Of course, she never came. She said he did that for about a year. Everyday I see these beautiful pictures of a woman that I never got a chance to meet. I tried asking people what she was like, but they just cry or don’t want to answer. I know she was truly loved by many. I just wish that somebody could tell me more about her.

I know that there’s no way to bring her back. I think that talking about her would make us feel better. I don’t want my family to cry every time I ask about her. I want my family to laugh about how she was and not cry about her.

What my family really needs is closure. I want to thank you for listening to this.

First Place Essay Winner from Glenview Middle School’s Family Excellence Essay Contest: Alexandrea Breazeale

Please take a moment to read her moving essay below!

“Hold on Daddy; I’m coming,” I remembered saying while combing my hair.... I could remember seeing my reflection in the mirror. The floor shook for a few seconds and the and the heart-stopping bang came to my ear. I dropped my hairbrush and ran into my Dad’s room. The image of my father was so overwhelming I can still see it perfectly in y mind. I could hear my screams again as my father laid on the floor shaking with only seeing white in his eyes. I felt hot tears run down my face. “Stop Katherine! Stop thinking about it,” I tell myself. It wasn’t working.

“Katherine, are you alright,” said Mrs. Green my eighth grade math teacher. I could feel everyone’s eyes looking at me, but I kept my eyes on Mrs. Green. “I’m ok,” I said sniffling. The bell rang and it was finally time to go home.

I put my headphones in and listened to the bass bump in my ear. I was trying to ignore my thoughts, but they were louder than my music. The image I saw of my Dad still left a horrible feeling in my heart. Like a scar, at one point it was a cut but now it’s left as a mark reminding you of the pain. My Dad was gone. I feel him; I smell him, but he’s not there. Every car that passes by me looks like him driving. I can’t handle the breakdown so I turn my music up louder and just keep looking straight. With my legs feeling numb from the walk, I slug up the stairs to my apartment. I throw my book bag on the floor and go find something to eat.

As my Ramen noodles were in the microwave I could hear my phone vibrating. I answered it and heard my mom start talking. She said Mrs. Green emailed her and she heard about me crying. She already knew why I cried and said the same thing she always does. “I know it’s hard baby, but we’ll make it.” After her lecture the thoughts came back. You’d think after three years of breakdowns I’d be completely drained of tears. I was starting to get bad so I had to go to my Dad. I grabbed the bear he gave me the day he died and laid down in the spot where he last laid. I held the bear so tight, and then I heard my father’s voice. “Katherine, I know you hurt and want me back, but you can’t get back what’s never left. The tears stopped streaming. My heart stopped hurting, and all I could feel was my father with me.

Dedicated to Katherine and my Aunt Malinda. I love you.

Essay Winners from the Glenview Middle School Essay Contest

Congratulations to the top three essay winners from Glenview Middle School Family Excellence Essay contest! Each of these three individuals did a tremendous job of writing about their families and were recognized on March 13 at an awards ceremony at Glenview. Their three essays were chosen from 120 essays that were written school-wide. Pictured above from left to right are the Founder and Program Manager of Family Excellence, Inc. James Campbell, Alexis Harrison (2nd place winner), Albrina Baker (3rd place winner), and Alexandrea Breazeale (1st place winner). We look forward to great things from each of these young ladies in the future.

Congratulations to all three winners on doing an excellent job and for their superb writing. Please continue checking in for an opportunity to read some of their essays in the days ahead!

Glenview Middle School Essay Contest

We are pleased to announce that the essays from Glenview Middle School have been reviewed and that the awards ceremony for Glenview is scheduled for this Wednesday March 13, 2013. The writing was excellent, and we are excited about announcing the results! Thanks again to M. Gwyn Dubose-Schmitt (Family Law Attorney in Anderson, SC 864-260-0112) for sponsoring this contest and investing in the future of the families at Glenview Middle School!


Family Excellence Inc. is pleased to announce an upcoming essay contest at Glenview Middle School in Anderson School District 5! This contest is being sponsored by an excellent Family Law attorney who is new to the Anderson area but definitely not new to helping families through difficult times, M. Gwyn DuBose-Schmitt! Stay posted for more details in the days to come!


We Need a Date Valentine's Contest


The time has come for our February Valentine’s contest! This contest is for couples who may need a date or for those singles who may be looking to find one. The contest is simple. All you have to do to enter is “Like” Family Excellence Institute, LLC on Facebook (not this post but their actual Facebook page) and then post on that page either why you and your significant someone need a date, why your loved one deserves a date, or why you need a date. (If you already Like Family Excellence don’t worry! Just by posting your response on the page you will be entered.) That is all it takes to enter; it’s that simple! 

So what could you win? Actually, FOUR winners will be randomly drawn from those who enter between right now and the drawing that will be held this week on Wednesday February 06, 2013 at 9:30 pm EST. The four winners will each receive two tickets to the Sunday February 10, 3 pm concert of Romantic Nights performed by Greenville Symphony Orchestra at the Peace Center in Greenville, SC. If you have never heard them perform, you have definitely been missing out, and the Peace Center is a terrific venue that you’re sure to enjoy!

Family Excellence Institute, LLC is dedicated to strengthening families, and spending making time to be together with one another is a part of building stronger, healthier relationships! So why not add a little romance to your life this Valentine’s week by entering this contest and let your date plans begin! Even if you are unable to attend the performance, why not post anyway? It might just let that special someone know that you’re thinking of them. You can also share this post or else tag friends who may be looking for a plan for Valentine’s or who are working to keep romance alive even when resources are limited. Let’s spread the love together this Valentine’s and encourage both our relationships and the relationships of those around us to be their best! Thank you in advance for your support and for helping to spread the word!

“Fall under a melodious spell with three passionate pieces sure to inspire the romantic in you with an evening dedicated to love. From the sensual ballet music of Charles Gounod to the romantic exaltations of Liszt's Festklange ("Festive Sounds") and Dvorak's enchanting Bohemian Eighth Symphony, no one can resist this musical Valentine performed with love by Maestro Tchivzhel and the Greenville Symphony Orchestra.”

~Greenville Symphony Orchestra

Dream Family Contest

We have tremendous admiration for Martin Luther King, Jr. at Family Excellence. His famous “I Have a Dream” speech was phenomenal on many different levels, but one thing we most admire about it was that he was able to cast a vision for what could be that was so compelling that it moved people to work towards making that dream a reality. Helping individuals and families to “Reach Dreams” is one of the reasons that Family Excellence exists. Many of us have very specific goals for our education, career, finances, weight, and countless other areas. Sadly, for many of us, the one area we don’t set goals and cast vision is for our families. It is for this reason that Family Excellence is holding our “Dream Family” Contest.

The Dream Family Contest is actually very simple. In order to enter all you have to do is “Like” the Facebook page for Family Excellence Institute, LLC and then post on the wall for the page what one of your dreams is for your family. Of course, we always love it when you Share our posts, and so if you wouldn’t mind that would be greatly appreciated as well! If you Like our page and post one or more of your dreams for your family on it, then you are entered for our drawing. So what do you win?

For this contest the prize is two tickets to the Motionhouse performance at the Peace Center on January 31 at 7:30 pm. We chose the Motionhouse for two reasons. First they are highly acclaimed and we think it will be a wonderful show. Second, our hope is that by taking the time to dream a little about what you want for your family (or future family) that it will set that dream in motion inside of you!

All entries must be in prior to the drawing at 10 pm EST Friday January 25. The winner will be announced later that same night. We will message the winner for instructions on how you would refer to receive the tickets! We must receive instructions from the winner for obtaining the tickets no later than noon EST on Sunday January 27, 2013 or else we will consider the prize unclaimed and will move forward by drawing again to insure the prize is able to be enjoyed. Have fun dreaming!

See the link below for more info on Motionhouse!


PO Box 14065

Greenville, SC 29610


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Sat: 10AM - 5PM

Sun: Closed