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Broken: Finding Peace in Imperfection

"More people live on the planet than ever before, and yet we have never felt more lonely. There are more means to stay connected than in all of history, and yet we have never felt more disconnected. Why is it that we struggle so much to find a sense of connection to others? Why does intimacy seem to be so elusive? Broken takes an honest look at these issues, and offers practical solutions for building honest, authentic connections in our lives."

Broken is available for purchase on at the following link with a list price of $11.00.

ISBN: 978-1-4951-1141-9

We all want stronger, healthier relationships. From the outside it can seem like everyone else has it all together in their relationships and that they have an easier time in their relationships than we do. Even though many of us aspire to have the perfect marriage, the truth is that there are precisely the same number of perfect marriages as there are perfect people. None. 

The pages of this book do not come from the mind of someone who knows all of the answers; it comes from the heart of someone who wants to walk with you through the questions. Over the years I have heard a lot more lies and myths about what makes a good relationship than I have truth. My hope here is to help you have more of the right stuff and less of the wrong stuff in your relationships and, especially, in your marriage. If you are single and hope not to be one day, if you are preparing for marriage, if you are looking to build an even stronger marriage, or if you are in a relationship that has begun to feel hopeless, then my hope is that this book will help you in your journey towards stronger, more fulfilling relationships!

Perfect Marriage Twenty Myths that Can Really Mess Up Your Relationships is available for purchase on Amaz

Additionally, for any reading who may be interested in reading the book with a group or who might like to share copies with friends or family, TEN books can be purchased for $100.00 by mailing a check made payable to James Campbell to PO Box 14065 Greenville, SC 29610.

Other Publications:

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