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Family Excellence Institute, LLC and Family Excellence, Inc.

Reaching Dreams, Strengthening Families, Building Legacies


Looking Back and Looking Forward

Posted on July 21, 2013 at 10:52 PM Comments comments (39)
As we look ahead to multiple Family Excellence Essay contests in Anderson and Greenville counties for the upcoming school year, take a moment to consider your family. For some, our recollections are of warmth and nostalgia. For others, remembering our family resurrects some old hurts and regrets. One thing, however, is certain-we all are impacted by either the presence or absence of those individuals we call family. With this fact in our hearts, why would we consider repeating old destructive habits needlessly or else discontinue traditions that meant so much to us?
The truth is that many of us spend little time considering the role our families play in our day-to-day lives. What if we could, however, begin to build on strengths that we learned either because of or in spite of the family we grew up in? What if we could strengthen the relationships and connections in our families today? What if we could begin to build a legacy within our relationships that will lead to a sense of contentment and joy over the years?
It is to this end that Family Excellence, Inc. and the Family Excellence Institute, LLC were established. Through contests, trainings, workshops, and experiential activities for individuals, families, civic groups, and agencies we seek to provide the tools necessary to promote, build, and sustain excellence in families.
We rely heavily on referrals and "grassroots" support from people just like you. Our average gift size is $20.00, and that money goes a long way with us! In fact, 100% of all donations go directly to the awards and events of Family Excellence!
We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how we might best work together to strengthen families in your school, agency, or neighborhood as well. Please use our "Contact Us" link to ask any questions that you may have. We look forward to speaking with you and aiding you on your journey.
All the best,
James Campbell

Family Excellence Essay Contest at Calhoun Academy of the Arts

Posted on December 11, 2012 at 10:37 PM Comments comments (104)
Family Excellence Essay Contest at Calhoun Academy of the Arts
Family Excellence Institute, LLC and Family Excellence, Inc. are excited to announce the Family Excellence Essay Contest!  This contest is being held in collaboration with Calhoun Academy of the Arts and is intended to encourage fourth grade students to focus on some of the strengths in their families!  All fourth graders at Calhoun Academy of the Arts  are eligible to enter and will be working with their teachers to write essays ranging from 1-2 pages in length on the subject of “What I Love Most About My Family”!  The essays will be evaluated with some assistance from other teachers in the area who have graciously agreed to assist.  The essays will be taken up by the fourth grade teachers and will be reviewed by our guest panel of teachers on December 15, 2012.  The author of the essays will not be known by the reviewers until after the review.  The top essays will receive some great awards and treats in honor of their hard work and in honor of the families that they represent!  We are incredibly excited about this opportunity to encourage even more amazing writing at Calhoun while encouraging students to focus on the things they love most about their families!  We also intend to post some of the top essays in the days ahead to add even greater notoriety to these young authors!  More information will be posted in the days ahead; so please keep your eyes open for updates. 
Also, please continue to spread the word about Family Excellence on Facebook by encouraging your friends and colleagues to “Like” our page!  If you don’t “Like” us, you may miss out on future announcements about other contests designed to help encourage reaching dreams, strengthening families, and building legacies!

Spread the Word and Win Contest

Posted on November 17, 2012 at 12:17 PM Comments comments (27)
Did someone say a CONTEST with PRIZES?
In an effort to raise awareness of the work of Family Excellence, Inc. and Family Excellence Institute, LLC, we are hosting our FIRST EVER Facebook COMPETITION!  This initial competition is quite simple and will have three winners.  Prizes will include a variety of gift certificates, gift cards, and other items you’re sure to love!  So how do you win?  Simple!  There are three ways you can win in this competition!  They are as follows:
  1. First, every person who has “Liked” the family Excellence Institute, LLC Facebook page is automatically entered for a random drawing to win a prize.  In other words, if you already “Like” us, no worries; you are already entered for a drawing for one of our prizes!  (Please do know that you have to “Like” the page itself and not just this post!)
  2. Second, if you already “Like” us, then encourage your friends to “Like” this page through messaging them, sharing this post, or other creative means AND ask them to POST YOUR NAME ONCE on the Facebook page for Family Excellence Institute, LLC when they “Like” it.  The person whose name is posted the most times according to these guidelines (indicating that they helped get the most new “Likes” for the page) will also win a prize!  There are no limits to how many new “Likes” you can help us to get, and you will receive one entry into the drawing for each new person “Liking” us who posts your name!  (Please do note that those posting your name have to “Like” the page itself and not just a post, picture, etc.!)
  3. Lastly, each person who signs into the Guest Book on our website at will also be entered for an additional drawing to receive a prize!
That’s it-two drawings and one outright competition, three ways to win!  The cut off time for the competition is noon EST on December 02, 2012!  That gives everyone just over two weeks to bring your A-game and compete to help make a difference in the lives of families in the Greenville, SC area by raising awareness of our page and website!  So “Like” us, “Share” the contest information, talk us up to your friends, message distant relatives, send carrier pigeons if necessary, and help us get the word out about this contest and the mission of Family Excellence Institute and Family Excellence, Inc.! 
The winners will be announced via our Facebook page no later than 11:00 pm on December 3, 2012 and winners will be messaged on Facebook in order to determine how best to deliver the prizes to you!  I look forward to seeing the determination, fierce competitive nature, and creativity of each of you over the next roughly sixteen days!  May the best person…er, people… win!